One Health and Care: your local shared care record

Have you ever been referred to a health or care provider and found yourself answering lots of questions about your medical history – things like what medicines you take and whether you have any allergies?

You may wonder why they don’t already have this information from your GP or other services you’ve been in contact with. The reason is because different health and care providers use different computer systems to record your details. Because these systems don’t talk to each other, organisations can’t always see the same information your GP can.

But that is all changing with the introduction of One Health and Care, a confidential NHS shared care record for the Black Country and West Birmingham, and neighbouring areas.

One Health and Care will enable professionals who are directly involved with your care to see relevant information about the care and treatment you’ve had across all local services.

This means you only need to tell your story once, and those caring for you have instant access to all the information they need to treat you in the fastest, safest and most effective way.

For more information about One Health and Care, including how the NHS and its partners keep your data safe, please visit